Vijaya Knight

By October 13, 2019

Dr. Vijaya Knight received her M.D. (MBBS) degree in 1991 from Mysore Medical College, University of Mysore, India followed by training in Neuromicrobiology and Immunology at the National Institutes for Mental Health and Neurosciences, India, where her work focused on the development of immunological diagnostic assays for neurotuberculosis. She then obtained a PhD in immunology from Melbourne University, Australia, where she worked on T cell epitope mapping, experimental subunit vaccines for tuberculosis, and the cellular immune response to intracellular infections. This was followed by 2 years of post-doctoral work at UCSF, California, focusing on immune evasion mechanisms of M. tuberculosis in human in-vitro model systems.

Following a JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) fellowship award, she commenced studies on T cell regulation in models of autoimmune disease, as well as the modulation of autoimmune diabetes using regulatory T cells. Dr. Knight then spent a couple of years at Medimmune (Mountain View, CA) as a research scientist with the translational biology group and was involved in biomarker discovery and development, as well as immune monitoring for clinical trials for pediatric viral vaccines. From 2008-2018, Dr. Knight was the Director of the Advanced Diagnostic Immunology laboratory at National Jewish Health and faculty in the Division of Pathology within the department of Medicine.

Dr. Knight is currently the Director of the Translation and Diagnostic Immunology Laboratory at Children’s Hospital, Colorado and Associate Professor (Section of Allergy and Immunology) in the Department of Pediatrics at the University of Colorado School of Medicine. Dr. Knight is involved in developing new diagnostic assays for a spectrum of immunological disorders, with an emphasis on immune deficiency, as well as the development of immune monitoring tools for clinical trials. Additionally, she is involved in teaching and training clinical fellows in immunology laboratory methods. Her research interests include analysis of the immune response in chronic infections such as mycobacterial infections, immune analysis of primary immunodeficiency disorders, and immunological correlates of tolerance and allergy, with the goal towards developing better diagnostic tools.

Dr. Knight is enthusiastic and passionate about education in the field of medical laboratory immunology and has been as active member of AMLI since 2008.

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